Replacement bulbs for lights - important to the electrical values

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Replacement bulbs for lights - important to the electrical values

The electrical values ​​of the replacement lamps are important.

Spare bulbs in a string of lights

The individual lamps in fairy lights are connected generally in series.

  • By this circuit, it is possible that light bulbs can be operated as the mains voltage without transformer directly to the outlet at a much lower voltage.
  • This is because in a series arrangement, the individual operating voltages of the lamps are added.
  • Do you, for example, a light chain with ten light sources which are connected in series, the voltage needs of each individual lamp computationally 23 Volt amount (23 × 10 lamps = 230 Volt).
  • But not only the operating voltage of each bulb is important, but also the power in watts. Of all employed bulbs, the power must be identical. Of course, this also applies when spare bulbs are installed.
  • Has a spare bulb a higher or lower power than the others, is flawed and their electrical resistance and the series circuit can not function as before.

What should you consider when replacing bulbs in lights

  • When replacing broken bulbs in lights you should definitely make sure that you use only spare bulbs that have the same electrical values ​​(voltage and wattage).
  • This will ensure that the lights without danger can continue to operate safely.
  • Put a spare bulbs with other electrical values, then it can happen that either the spare bulb or other bulbs are overloaded.
  • You should also note that you only use replacement bulbs, which fit exactly into the sockets of the light string. This is especially true if this is a chain of lights, which is used outdoors.
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