Replacement slatted build yourself - Instructions

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Replacement slatted build yourself - Instructions

A spare bed base is built quickly. Kurt_Michel / Pixelio

Build a roller grid as spare-slatted itself

A good slatted frame gives you a good sleeping experience and a perfect for your body reclining in her bed. But so great your slatted frame may be, unfortunately, it happens too often that he does not stand up to the daily stress and breaks down. In this case, you can build your spare-slatted itself. A roller grid is very well suited as a substitute-slatted.

  1. Let the wooden slats in your construction market of packaging plywood sawing directly to your required level. The length of the wood strips is calculated after you measured Dimension of bed frame width minus 15 mm. The number of strips of wood results from the measured length of the inner bed box. Between the wooden slats of the spare-slatted frame you should always leave 40 to 45 mm square.
  2. Place the strips of packaging plywood on the floor. The strip should rest on one side on your wall so your spare-slatted is also just assembled. First, insert the two outer strips of wood on the ground, which define the length of the roller grate. The other wood strips set parallel to the outer bars in between. Please note the distance of 40 to 45 mm between the wood strips.
  3. Now place the seam band transverse to the wood strips to the replacement-slatted. The number of Saumbänder depends on the width of the roller grate. It should in each case a seam band 200 mm are mounted on the outer edge of the roller grate and at least another seam band in the middle of the wooden slats.
  4. Attach the Saumbänder with the electric tacker to the wood strips. The outer wooden slats, which define the length of the replacement bedstead be doing all wrapped with the seam band.

Assemble your replacement slats in bed box

  1. Draw with the pencil 150 mm from the upper edge of the inner bed box markings on the two long sides.
  2. Sawing with the jigsaw, the two rectangular strips to the required length you. Hold this square bars on the markings on and secure it with the Phillips screws on the inside of the storage box.
  3. Now put your spare-slatted to this square bars and fasten the roll grille with some cross-head screws on the two square bars.

Ready is your spare-slatted!

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