replant cypress - so do it right

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replant cypress - so do it right

Even large cypress can be replanted.

Cypresses are often required for planting hedges

  • The evergreen trees that grow almost shrub-like, vary between a hängend- or columnar growth with a sweeping or hochkronigen Green. There are dwarf and high-growing cypress commercially.
  • Most cypress species grow very quickly. For this reason they are particularly fond elected stern design because they offer a fast growing tight screening. However, such a hedge requires a continuous pruning.
  • The Western arborvitae contrast grows very slowly and needs a pruning rarely. Thereby its maintenance is made somewhat easier. The yellow Fadenscheinzypresse or Muschelzypresse grows slowly.

transplanting proved difficult depending on the size

  • Conifers, such as cypress, you should transplant usually in the fall, so the beginning of October. However, it is also possible in May after it is ensured that no more frost days come to begin transplanting.
  • The cypress need a loose and well drained soil, you should equip it with humus and nutrients. Select for transplanting a sunny or partially shaded spot sheltered from the wind.
  • When replanting the cypress you can also use special cypress earth. But you do without at transplanting on fertilizer, since the plant has to get used initially to the new site and soil. Only when it has grown properly, you may fertilize.
  • Cypresses that you want to replant should be grown only up to 3 or 4 years in place, because otherwise the bales are too strong to make them more viable to recover. Remember that moist soil is hard and you have to dig the bale together ground. For this reason, you will need help, if necessary, additional mechanical help.
  • If the cypress between 3 to 3.5 m have grown up, you should go with a winch on a small truck to transport it can. Should the cypress together bales to be hard, it makes sense, if you are a kind of ramp Baubohlen construct to which you drag the cypress with a winch in order to then be transported with a front loader.
  • Living trees that have stood as a solitary plant, you can not replant at a height of 2 to 2.5 m. However, such a transplant is recommended rather in March / April. They will have to cut out at a two-meter high arborvitae the bales with a diameter of about 60 cm.
  • Hew in the new planting hole a Fixierpflock to give the Tree of Life sufficient support and pour him after transplanting sufficiently.
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