Report corneal injury in the eye of casualty insurance - that you should be aware

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Report corneal injury in the eye of casualty insurance - that you should be aware

Log eye injuries in the accident insurance.

Not every corneal injury puts money by accident insurance

Thus, the corneal injury leads to your mind that the accident insurance has to pay a sum of money, different conditions are required.

  • It must have been an accident that has led to corneal injury. An accident is a sudden occurring outside event that you are unable to avert. Intentional injuries or injuries caused by an ongoing situation, are not an accident. If the corneal injury was caused by your contact lenses during normal use, it is no accident. When a ball has hit your eye while the Kontaktklinse the cornea has been injured, it's an accident.
  • The accident insurance covers depending on the contract, health and care costs. This will please your health - for you myself it is no advantage, unless you need a treatment that is not covered by health insurance. Then the accident insurance can step in.
  • Is in insurance-pecuniary agreed you get may account for the pain and suffering in the contract. Do not expect too much of it, because of a broken rib you get most 10% of this figure, it is only begun, there is only a fraction of it. Cornea eye injuries are usually not taken into account.
  • A payment due to disability requires a permanent functional impairment. Again, there is only a fraction of the agreed sum disability, depending on the degree of permanent disability. For more details, refer to the members of your tax policy. The permanent blindness of an eye is there mostly recorded at 50%, impaired vision correspondingly less.

Since corneal eye injuries usually heal well, likely large payments can hardly be expected.

To sign the eye injury for accident insurance

  1. Consult. To the competent contact your insurance company, which is named in the policy, or contact on the homepage of insurance on Report the damage initially only quoting the policy number and a brief description of damage, for example, "I have hurt the eye and need a claim form".
  2. Fill out the form at rest and conscientiously. Offers the insurance to send an employee for damage assessment, try in advance to obtain the form or do it in any case notes on what you want to say in conversation. Thoughtless words can cause your insurance will not believe the accident and get therefore no money.
  3. Explain exactly how it came to the accident, it reminds you of the definition of accident: The event has suddenly occurred (eg, a stone which hit the eye), and been involuntarily be (ie not by the prompt "Throw have been have come a stone at me ") and externally (ie not run by you). Emphasize these components in property description, but do not lie. It will consult multiple circumstances.
  4. Call witnesses to the accident because the injury does not suffice as proof often. Especially if the doctor can not confirm that the corneal injury may have been caused only by an accident, you need show.
  5. Make concrete claims, because the insurance company will pay nothing, you do not require. So try to estimate the appropriate level of pain and suffering and disability payments based on the Police and take x € damages and y € disability sum. Other services such as hospital cash you can demand a lump sum, by requiring the agreed daily sickness or hospital cash benefit for the days of your recovery. These days you show a doctor's certificate.
  6. Include the accident notification certificates and certificates of physicians who have treated you and relieve them of the confidentiality.
  7. It is important to point pre-existing conditions. For example if you have ever had a corneal injury or this was already damaged due to disease, the insurance company will distinguish precisely whether the condition of the cornea caused by the accident or has already been submitted. Here then count only the degree by which an existing ailments worsened. That you should clarify in advance already with the doctor.

If you fear serious permanent damage to the eye due to corneal injury, you should consult a solicitor who will help you with your claim and enforce.

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