represent independent work properly - resume for a civil

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represent independent work properly - resume for a civil

In the construction industry rise / Pixelio

As Civil accompany construction projects, and the initial of the planning to the eventual loss. So not only know part of the statics and physics to your qualifications, you must be well versed in business accounting. These activities can be executed as self-employed in an engineering company, as you can participate as a freelancer such as in research of materials, consult architects or contractors support individual projects.

What consider when CV for self-employment?

  • If you were self-employed temporarily - as in an engineering office or as a consultant in construction projects - then your work differs often markedly from the duties of a salaried engineer.
  • Because here you will take over the coordination of your activities mostly even, so you usually have a broader overview of the project as a whole, instead of accepting only individual subtasks. This can be an advantage for applications, you can also mention in your resume.
  • However, there is usually no direct evidence of your activities, you can attach your CV. Ie. With independent structural engineers, there is no job certificate, setting out the assumed tasks you. Also a clear assessment of your work thus missing.
  • In your resume, you can therefore compensate for the lack of an assessment by the employer, by appending some references or describe your duties as comprehensively as possible.

describe your projects well as a civil engineer

  • One way to bring your projects to advantage, is to describe this as well as possible. So instead specify only the period and the job title, can be used in your resume a few key points to in order to explain the contents of your activities.
  • You can for example write that construction work have accompanied you, what steps have you coordinated (planning, execution, follow-up), if you have worked with certain partners (eg. As architects, other contractors), if they have exercised verification activities etc ,
  • You can also call references, as if you were working for a particular company. It is useful here, but this first asking whether you can specify the company as a reference.
  • In addition, you can also create your own website with references and photos of your work (eg. As which objects were built with your help). Subject to the agreement of their respective owners, you can then rename it running on your resume as an example of your projects and advertise for themselves.
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