representing Facebook in a different color - Here's how

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representing Facebook in a different color - Here's how

Change the colors in Facebook.

There are many Internet sites that allow you to visually organize your Facebook account. Recommended is the website Page Rage, where you can install different design templates specifically in Facebook. Caution: Page Rage supports Firefox 2.0, IE &, Opera or MSN not. Make sure that you have updated browser installed on the computer.

make Facebook new layout

  1. Click the Page Rage online. Link will show a list of various categories such as cartoons, fashion, fantasy themes, movie layouts, etc. But you can also search with a term in the search for a layout.
  2. Like a layout, you can view the preview of how this might look. By clicking on "Select this layout" template is transmitted to Facebook and you will get a worth seeing profile in a different color.
  3. Then, the plug-in for Page Rage must be installed. This is done automatically when you click on the desired layout and download this. Once you do that, the layout is on Facebook optically changed, so you can admire your Facebook profile in new colors.

Facebook in a different color to Google Chrome

Another way to make Facebook available in other colors, is, when you install Google Chrome. With the add-ons in this browser allows the Facebook profile to playfully easy way in a different color make. One such possibility was the "Auto-Colorizer for Google+ and Facebook."

  1. Click in Google Chrome on "customize Google Chrome". Then go to the list on their Google Mail account and click on this. If you have not yet registered, do so.
  2. Go for options on "Extensions" and then "download more extensions" on. This takes you to the Google Chrome Web Store. There you can download various applications. Enter in the search as "Facebook Colour" and they get a lot of applications with which they can change the colors in Facebook.

If you have the Auto Colorizer downloaded for Facebook and start the application, the Facebook profile with his writings and buttons is automatically adjusted to the cover picture of the timeline.

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