request Disabled parking permit - how it works

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request Disabled parking permit - how it works

A handicapped parking Weis entitled not only to park in a disabled parking space.

To get a handicapped parking permit

  • Not every disabled is entitled to a disabled parking space. Entitled to a disabled parking card you have, if your disabled pass the "aG or" BI "are.
  • The local traffic bureau issues the parking permits for the disabled. To request an informal letter, which you attach to your severely disabled badge and your identity card as a copy and a photograph is enough.
  • The disabled parking permit are available a number of services to, next to the parking in specially drawing ducks Disabled Parking (wheelchair symbol), for example, parking in residents parking or restricted parking zone up to 3 hours (parking disc is needed!). In addition, you can park in pedestrian zones during loading times, and parking is free on parking ticket paid places. Obtain detailed information about your options.
  • The disabled parking permit is valid only if you (clearly visible) place it behind the windshield. The disabled parking permit is valid throughout Europe, incidentally.
  • By the way: If you can not drive your car yourself, you can apply for a disabled parking card anyway. Naturally, however, the card may only be used if you are using a card itself, are thus collected, for example by the doctor or by the work of another person.

Depending on the State you have but also a right to certain parking concessions, if you are not severely disabled or blind. In this case, the authorities issue regionally valid ID cards, which are the degree of disability depends.

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