Request income tax replacement certificate - how it works

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Request income tax replacement certificate - how it works

Only the electronic tax card prevents from 2013 paper mountains.

The last time income tax cards were issued in the paper of 2010. Since the transition to electronic tax card, however, delayed until 2013, in the meantime, a tax replacement certificate is issued.

Request income tax replacement certificate from the tax office

Wage tax replacement certificate, please contact your local tax office. With your tax office you must contact when the entries on an old tax card or replacement certificate is no longer valid or if you have lost the card / certificate.

  • If you want to record as a worker next to your first employment relationship to continue working, you will need to download a rule in addition to a tax card / wage tax replacement certificate in 2011 in addition a replacement certificate in 2012 (with the tax class IV).
  • While you get the income tax replacement certificate from your local tax office, you need to change your civil status data (marital status change, birth of a child) as before go to the registration office.

The electronic tax card is late

  • The electronic tax card will only be introduced by 1 January 2013 due to unexpected technical problems. For the retrieval process, the technical testing delays.
  • If you have a paper tax card, in which nothing changes until 2013, you must not do.
  • All entries on your tax card in 2010 remain valid until the start of the process of electronic tax card. Switch 2012 the employer, ask for the tax card 2010 and an income tax replacement certificate 2011/2012.
  • Do you want to request an income tax replacement certificate, you can use the application for personal (passport / identity document with you) to the tax office to drop off. Written You can choose the way via email or fax. A representative, accompanied by a written authorization from you may submit an application.
  • Please provide any personal or written application to your tax identification number.

The replacement certificate shall be issued upon personal appearance immediately. In other cases, you obtained the certificate by post (as of April 2012).

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