Residual waste - so you recycle properly

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Residual waste - so you recycle properly

Residual waste at the dump.

Dispose of waste properly - how it works

  • Give yourself first for the household the right bins and the matching waste bags. Guests must inquire beforehand in your city which refuse containers are available and what recyclables you should recycle definitely.
  • Although in the city should be no yellow or blue or brown bin with you, and you throw in general all your rubbish, you should make sure that there are items that should not be positioned in the residual waste, as they harmful have ingredients. These include batteries or electrical appliances.
  • The waste consists of all the objects and waste that can be assigned to any of the following categories. Since almost everything nowadays can be recycled and reprocessed, belong to waste really very few things. But still there are more than you think. Mostly it's the things that are made of several materials that are not or very difficult to separate, such as used diapers, toothbrushes, cigarettes, dirty rags and towels, also broken clothes or towels and sheets and broken crockery. But even office supplies, plastic containers, plastic cutlery and carpet remnants belong to the residual waste.
  • If the waste is separated in your city, you have the option of following wastes to separate. But many things can be recycled even if not all tons are required in your area.

To recycle properly

  1. Yellow bag: Who has a yellow bin or yellow bags of the city or town gets provided, should sort such waste here. Among the products that come in the yellow bag or the yellow container, mainly include light packaging waste with the Green Dot. These include, for example: aluminum foil, milk or juice packs, yoghurt cups, bottle caps, aluminum cover, light plastic as plastic bags, tubes and shampoo bottles.
  2. Organic or brown bin: If you have a compost bin or a private compost pile, then dispose of all natural waste here. For bio-waste include both animal and plant residues which are compostable and can be recycled. For biowaste therefore include eggshells, fruit bowl, meat, food scraps, grass clippings, garden waste etc.
  3. Cardboard and waste paper: All items of cardboard and paper are in the blue bin or can be brought to a recycling box. Make sure that all the boxes are folded or are small torn. You should not all boxes are in addition to the containers.
  4. Glass: Glass to drop naturally include all bottles and jars. may notice that you have many bottles (beer bottles z. B.) also return for a deposit to almost any supermarket. Wine bottles or spirits are mostly filled into bottles which can for glass waste. Ensure that z. B. jam jars or the like are first being rinsed briefly. Glass waste is disposed of in containers, that is, you have to bring the empty bottles and jars to the containers and you can usually dispose of the bottle only on weekdays and during the day, otherwise noise may arise from the loud breaking of the glass in pure Chuck.
  5. Electrical products should be necessarily disposed of separately and not thrown in the trash. For electrical include all electronic small and large devices such as mobile phones or computers, screens, mixer, toaster, lawn mowers, etc.
  6. For hazardous mainly include more toxic substances that are used in batteries, paints, lacquers and adhesives. Waste can be brought to the recycling facility or pollutant vehicles that come into cities.
  7. Bulky: Bulky to now include all the things that are generally for household rubbish too big. Nevertheless, the normal residual waste includes items that would dismiss many people as bulky waste. A general rule is that bulky waste are the items that are taken in a normal move (so do not belong in the house or in the apartment) and are too big for the regular domestic waste. Usually you have to order the bulky and make the articles a day earlier on the road.
  8. At the end there's the charity shop, where you can get rid heal and not dirty clothes, often at the red cross or sometimes by independent organizations. Where you can easily get rid of even bed linen, towels or utensils.
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