Responsibilities of the Federal Minister

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Responsibilities of the Federal Minister

The Chancellor determines the guidelines of policy.

The Basic Law provides in Article. 22 only that the federal government made up of the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Ministers. However, it says nothing about the number of ministers and their area of ​​expertise.

Responsibilities to Directive competence

  • Leading the way is Art. 65 GG. Thereafter, the Chancellor sets the policy guidelines. Under this policy directs each federal minister his mandate independently and on their own responsibility. To support the Ministers Parliamentary Secretaries may be attached from the group of Bundestag members.
  • Federal ministers are personally and materially dependent on the Chancellor. The Chancellor decides on their appointment and dismissal, which converts the President formally. Above all, the Chancellor determines the guidelines of the policy, while the ministers run their business only within these guidelines. When in doubt, they must obtain a decision from the Federal Chancellor.
  • Due to the policy-making power of the Chancellor shows that the division of powers of Chancellor and Federal Minister is not a legal but a political decision. refuses a minister to execute a directive of the Federal Chancellor, he can withdraw or wait to see if the Chancellor leading to his dismissal.

Federal ministers run their mandate independently

  • Only Art. 65a of the Basic Law that the Federal Minister of Defence exercises command authority over the armed forces. Thus the duties of defense minister are essentially defined.
  • Within the federal government responsibility for economic policy lies with the Federal Minister of Economics. Its department is divided among other things in the Departments economic policy, SME policy, energy policy, trade and industry, foreign trade policy and European policy.
  • At the same time a number of other federal ministers responsible for individual economic issues, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, the Minister of Transport, as well as the finance minister who is overseeing the Federal Supervisory Office for Banking and via the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau and the proportions in many public company of Federal managed.
  • The fact that the Foreign Minister is responsible for foreign policy issues, also goes without saying. The same should apply to the Federal Minister of Justice, the Federal Minister of Transport, the Environment Minister or the Health Minister.
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