Restoration kitchen - how it works with fitted kitchens

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Restoration kitchen - how it works with fitted kitchens

Kitchens are available in different variants.

Observe the type of cuisine

Fully equipped kitchens are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. If you now want to restore a fitted kitchen, then you need to look as composed this kitchen first:

  • The restoration work is largely dependent on what material is the kitchen. Should this be made of wood, then the surfaces can be pickled for example, in order to subsequently obtain a lick of paint.
  • Kitchens, which consist of individual components could be taken to restore the outside. In a fitted kitchen, this tactic is not possible, which means that the kitchen - considered space - needs to be completely covered so that no impurities occur.
  • Likewise, the kitchen should be well ventilated during Restaurierens, at least when chemical agents are used.

restore the cooking facilities

To restore a built-in kitchen, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Spread out on the floor newspaper or a film, so that the soil is not contaminated.
  2. Of course, you should also all objects, such as coffee makers or toasters, remove from the kitchen before you begin the restore.
  3. If the fitted kitchen made of wood, you can, for example, the surfaces with a paint stripper and then, when all coating and ink residues are removed completely, sprinkle with fresh color.
  4. If the surface of the kitchen made of plastic, then the restoration made considerably more difficult. Even in this case, you must remove the plastic first. This works initially with a spatula and then you must remove the glue residue with a solvent.
  5. Once the surfaces are completely clean, you can stick a new film about it. Make sure that no bubbles form in adhering the film. You can prevent this by repainting during the adhesive of the film with one hand immediately.
  6. Fitted kitchens typically have a continuous work surface. Would this also be restored, you can either proceed as described above, or buy a new countertop (that is, replace the countertop completely).
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