Restoration - so dry a humid masonry properly

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Restoration - so dry a humid masonry properly

Remove the cause.

Measure before applying Restoration

Although Restoration is a high-quality special plaster and should be part of a draining, these uses alone anything.

  1. Locate the cause of the penetration of a wall. That can be a water or sewer line be a faulty downspout of a gutter, damage to the roof or a lack of drainage. Find the reason for the moisture and make from this.
  2. Now you need to dry the wall. You must hit the wet plaster of the wall, the only way to dry the underlying masonry. Wear prefer a larger plaster off as too small. there, everything is wet remove, and then another 20 cm wide layer around this site is best.
  3. Now we have to wait until the masonry is dry. That's quite good on warm sunny days. It is more difficult with unstable weather. You must protect the damp walls from rain, the ventilation must not be hindered but. Hang a tarp on the wall that should be removed about 20 cm from the wall in the appropriate area.
  4. In severe cases, you must remove the wet bricks and instead obstruct dry. In this Ma├čnahem should give you an expert for help because the house could be damaged if not handled properly.

Plastering the wall dried

  1. Is the masonry dry, you have to seal it as soon as possible with a restoration plaster, so that no new moisture can penetrate. Stir the Restoration with the amount of water that the manufacturer prescribes. This is best done in a mortar tub and with a power agitator. Be sure to use a clean container and clean water.
  2. Place a cardboard under the work area and wet the brickwork slightly. Now enter the Restoration to the Maier works with a trowel.
  3. Wear on the still damp Sanierputz a second layer plaster and coat everything with a trowel smoothly. Once the restoration plaster is slightly dried, flatten it with a plastic trowel.
  4. Take, if you have a wall plastered to the floor with a trowel between the floor and masonry. This is called "cut the plaster." To prevent movement of the soil can exert pressure on the plaster and spall this.

Wait with the paint of 14 days, until the Restoration has dried.

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