restore Command Bar - Instructions for IE

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restore Command Bar - Instructions for IE

Unintended shortcuts on the keyboard are not uncommon.

To get to the command bar

Of course, you must first open the Windows Internet Explorer. Once you do that, it is not far to the command bars reactivation.

  1. First, you must have the menu bar in front of him. This is not the case, just press the Alt key. A bar with different options such as "File", "Edit", etc. appear.
  2. To get to the command bar, you now click on the button "Display". It should open more options.
  3. DC the very first option is the button called toolbars, which is equipped with a small arrow, this select.

To restore succeeds in browser

  1. Now that you have clicked on "toolbars", you'll have a new window has opened with several different bars. Included is now also searched command bar.
  2. Click to insert the missing hook again, it all is back to normal - the restoration was successful.
  3. If you use Windows Internet Explorer 10, you can try it in this way to restore your toolbar: Open your Internet Explorer, press the Alt key. Then press the A button and then Enter. Now twice the down arrow key and then Enter - the toolbar should appear again.

Of course not only when Windows Internet Explorer is the problem that any bars disappear. The same can also occur, for example when Firefox browser. You can fix on the toolbar and restore the appropriate bar the most. You must press the Alt key and click with view on "toolbars".

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