restore confidence and save relationship - some suggestions

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restore confidence and save relationship - some suggestions

Restoring confidence takes time.

Trust is the most important basis in a well-functioning partnership. If you have destroyed by anything the trust your partner, z. B. by an escapade, but you want to necessarily save the relationship, then you should try to restore confidence of your partner. Suggestions can be found in this article.

Recover lost confidence - so you save your relationship

  1. One you should understand from the outset clear: The next few weeks will be anything but easy. Your partner towards you is now suspicious and trust you not in literally over the road. It is now important to your partner to take little by little the fear of further injury and so slowly but surely strengthen his confidence again.
  2. Confidence restore does not happen overnight. Be patient, even if your partner sometimes annoying. It is normal that he once every word, every action, every gesture you on a scale raises and accurately observed.
  3. Show yourself as transparent as possible. If you are traveling without your partner, but do not want that he / she is worried, then just call in between to short. Say that you just / thought of him her and that you wanted to hear his / her voice. to hear such a thing from a loved one, is always nice - especially in times when it is just difficult.
  4. If you have told your partner, where you go, then you change your plans once not made spontaneously. This creates distrust, although it really would not be necessary. If you still want to do something else, give a short notice. So you signal your partner that he always knows where you are and you also are necessary everywhere accessible.
  5. Important in time where you want to restore confidence, is also the loving attention. Show your partner that you have earned his trust. Make it clear how much you love him and how happy you are that he is still with you in spite of the breach of trust. This is easy with little touches. Put messages on small slips of paper to the workplace or under the pillow. Obtain spontaneous theater tickets and kidnap your partner. The ways to show your partner how much you are with him, are diverse and should be used in any case you. Your partner will feel more confident in your relationship after some time.

A relationship that has previously worked well, even overcome this crisis, if both partners are willing to work and to engage in a new attempt. But it also remains the risk that the injury was just too big and has lost confidence forever.

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