Retirement at 56? - Among the deductions

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Retirement at 56?  - Among the deductions

losing by a vorzeitgen retirement money

Who does not know, the vexing issue with the pension? Always longer want to work, now even up to the age of 67 years. But what if you want to previously retire or already superior to want to quit 56 years already with the work. This find out in the following instructions.

From when you can go into retirement

  • The scheme, when you shall go into retirement, changes almost every year. However, the trend tend to go in the direction that you need to work longer.
  • At the moment, the retirement age will be gradually increased from 65 to 67th This is sometimes important when you're born.
  • So you have the option if you are born in 1947, to go after 65. in the pension. Can not be completed until 1964 or later, sees the light of the world, you have that 67 years working and growing.

But what this means, if you decide to already with 56 to go into retirement and above all this is possible at all?

Calculate the deduction of remuneration to 56

  • If you decide to go with 56 retire, you have to expect that you get associated deductions. These are also not limited to certain years, but valid for life.
  • Assuming that you have to work until the age of 67, so this is 11 years, which will come off. It will be deducted 0.3 percentage points per month.
  • That is, 11 years or 132 months multiplied by 0.3 is 39.6 percent, which are deducted you. Can you lift these deductions, so your early retirement is no more obstacles.
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