retrofitted chimney - Instructions

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retrofitted chimney - Instructions

The chimney sweep issuing the release.

With an open fireplace or a stove can be the heating costs significantly reduced. Especially in the transitional months from summer to autumn and from winter to spring, temperatures are often very unstable. Who already trips here the central heating plant and, if necessary heat the living room with the fireplace, the family budget protects significantly. Who in his house has no working fireplace to connect his furnace can still be installed in the majority of cases in a simple manner and subsequently a modern chimney made of stainless steel.

So you can retrofitted a chimney

For chimney retrofitting see today practical Stainless steel chimneys as a complete set. These can be later on or grown inexpensively and without major construction effort. Such a system chimney made of stainless steel can be mounted on a free-standing wall. So you only need a little break and may your stove or your open living fireplace connected easily.

  1. During the subsequent incorporation of a chimney, the basic planning is particularly important. Depending on the planned use - it can be connected to such a steel chimney several stoves - and building conditions, your system fireplace is made individually for you. Here one should pay attention to legal requirements and guidelines. In addition, your chimney before commissioning must be removed and allowed by your local chimney sweeper. For this reason it is recommended that during the planning phase to include a chimney sweep with.
  2. Is your system chimney produced, it is delivered as a kit with all the necessary mounting materials. Who is planning to install the chimney itself, already must have a solid expertise and craftsmanship. In addition, you need here tools and machines that go far beyond the DIY toolbox.
  3. Before you can start assembling a working framework must be established. Here, too, guidelines for safety and accident prevention must be noted that you can query your construction Ordnungsamt regionally. Do not violate the guidelines, may your construction site by the authority will be decommissioned.
  4. Next, you must select the prearranged with the chimney sweep position of your fireplace and make depending on the model and planned connection to break through the outer wall. Since it is load-bearing structures in the outer walls, a structural engineer should be drawn here consult further before you break through the wall. Depending on the size of the terminal, it may be necessary to build additional support structures.
  5. From inside the connecting pipe is installed with refractory mortar.
  6. The actual, Retrofitting your chimney, however, is much easier because it is assembled in modular construction from heat loss interlocking components.
  7. Before you plug together the stainless steel tube and can be mounted, however, you must first attach the carrier.
  8. These are individual, depending on the shape of the corresponding outer wall and the overlying roof construction, made for you, so that the chimney the structural requirements adapts optimally. Here are various mounting options, for example through the roof or the roof past, possible. Depending on the selected mounting the distance of your chimney is observed from the front wall and thus to assemble support structure that needs to be screwed to the outer wall.
  9. If the support structure is fixedly mounted, the individual elements of the steel chimney can be connected as a plug-in system with each other and fixed to the individual carriers using the supplied mounting hardware.
  10. Your chimney is now ready. Before you can use it but put it into operation, must be removed and also approved the connection of your stove from the chimney sweep and this.
  11. Only when you have received written approval, you can fire up your fireplace or stove. The initial startup is usually carried out under the supervision of the chimney sweep.

Good luck saving heating costs!

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