Return Policy in Germany: 14 days for withdrawal - that you should be aware

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Return Policy in Germany: 14 days for withdrawal - that you should be aware

A statutory right of return you have only defects or for distance contracts.

Many retailers offer your customers, the purchased goods if not satisfied (z. B. for clothing) to exchange or return. They do, however, out of pure grace, not because of a statutory right of return. This right applies in Germany only on material defects or at distance selling. Then you can return the purchased goods within 14 days to the seller and get your money back.

Statutory right of return in Germany

  • A statutory right of return you have in Germany, if you have, for example, bought goods from the Internet. The reason for this is that the goods can not assess adequately for such purchases, as would be the case for purchases in the store.
  • For online purchases, you have the ability to home to inspect the goods in peace and you can return within 14 days. It does not matter if you no longer like the goods or has a defect.
  • You usually clears the seller at about the right of return. This is also in the Terms and Conditions. The seller may not refuse to take back the goods, unless you have them returned within the 14-day period.
  • The same law applies to purchases by phone or by so-called doorstep. Again, you have the right to return the goods within the time limit.

14-day return policy with defect

  • For purchases directly from the retailer or wholesaler, you have no legal right to return. However, the seller is obliged to give you a perfect goods for sale, that is, without fault or defect.
  • However, if it is the case, you have here a 14-day period for the return of the goods. A material defect exists when it does not adduced the agreed property or it is not suitable for ordinary use. This also applies to reduced goods.
  • In such cases, the seller has not fulfilled its obligations under the purchase agreement and must first fix the defect or you pass a faultless goods.
  • Can he not, you can exercise your right to return and give him back the goods. In return, you get your money back.
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