Rewarded as MiniJobber paid overtime?

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Rewarded as MiniJobber paid overtime?

A MiniJobber gets paid overtime or can take time off.

MiniJobber often operate at a small extent of hours. So it may soon happen in an increased workload that the supervisor arranges overtime. Since then automatically raises the question of whether you get these paid or may partying. The companies regulate this differently.

A MiniJobber gets overtime pay often

  • A MiniJobber who work overtime is paid either or he must compensate for the time as time off in lieu. Both possibilities are conceivable. Look into your contract if it includes a clause that regulates this. This is often the case. Find any clause, so you can contact your employer and just ask how this is handled in the operation.
  • It is always important that you get arranged overtime. For this you need the superior instruct to make this work. Then you should know that you have only worked one hour of overtime, if you were an hour longer because, as provided by the contract.
  • then proposes you, the employer, the remuneration before, so will be paid at the end of the month just more money. However, this is only possible with a mini-job, if you have thereby earned no more than 450 euros.
  • The remuneration of overtime falls in principle exactly the same as the remuneration of the contracted work. You will only receive bonuses if this is set either by collective agreement or employment contract.

Compensatory time off in lieu

  • Basically the MiniJobber overtime does not get paid, he can also be compensated by time off in lieu. That we'll have to be agreed with the employer.
  • then you get no money, simply one turns to the manager and discusses the timing. So you can ask when you leave early or are free to take a few days to make up the time.
  • It should be noted that more work needs to be arranged. Afford them simply voluntarily, without consultation and referral, you are not entitled to compensation.
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