Rhodes and Symi explore - tips for your holiday Greece

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Rhodes and Symi explore - tips for your holiday Greece

It's worth a trip - the picturesque island of Symi

Only 23 kilometers separate the small island of Symi and the famous holiday island of Rhodes.

Rhodes - a Greek holiday paradise in the Mediterranean

Together with the islands of Crete and Rhodes Kos is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece.

  • The beautiful scenery and excellent weather draw Rhodes as a holiday island. You can also expect a year with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine. In the summer months you expect the average temperatures are 30 degrees Celsius. Really cold it is on the Greek island never - even in January, the statistically valid there as the coldest month, the thermometer still shows an average of 15 degrees Celsius.
  • The image of the island is determined primarily by tourism. Rhodes offers its guests everything they need for a successful holiday. Whether sun, sand and Mediterranean Sea or good food and nightly entertainment - Rhodes travelers need of nothing. Especially on the west coast of the island you will find numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
  • If you (against all odds) but then again be too boring, then take Simply pay a day trip to the small island of Symi. From Rhodes you can reach only about 60 square kilometers of "islands" in the summer day with boats. In comparison, the area of ​​the island of Rhodes, which incidentally is the fourth largest island of Greece, is about 1,408 square kilometers.

A day on Symi - Excursions

That much can be said: A trip to the island of Symi worth.

  • Whether you visit the island only for a day or whether you stay a few days, that's up to you. Many day-trippers coming back on the picturesque island - most of them then stay longer. No wonder - the islet is really nice.
  • You must there not mass tourism fear, the climate on the island of Rhodes. On Symi it comes to quiet - you will find here the ideal conditions for a relaxing holiday. No oversized "concrete block" affect the image of the island - you can live here in small hotels, inns or in private accommodation.
  • You can enjoy not only the sun and the sea here on the island there is a lot to see. Particularly interesting is the monastery, which can be found in the south of the island. A tip: If you are looking for a special accommodation, you should ask at the monastery. Here you can stay cheap. The rooms are - appropriately a monastery - of course only modestly equipped.

And: Is your interest piqued? Inform yourself. Just once in your travel agency For now, you can visit the site "greeka.com" once before - here you can find numerous information on the Greek mainland and the islands.

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