Ride With Collar - Here's how

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Ride With Collar - Here's how

to horses feel completely free at ease, even under the rider. Martin_Schemm / Pixelio

General information on riding with a collar

  • The use of a neck ring makes a very light riding possible. The horse is little as possible in its natural movement.
  • This type of riding requires a great confidence of the rider in his horse, because he can control this only by means of the ring.
  • However, the rider learns thereby much finer to coordinate its Hilfengebung and targeted manner. Its seat improves automatically, because he has now completely independent of the hand quietly sitting on horseback. Therefore, it is just for those riders who ride with a "power source", recommended to try the neck ring.
  • Many horses can be even with the neck ring much easier control than with a conventional bridle.

So riding works with the ring

  • In general, this ride does a pressure applied to the acupuncture points of the horse. The pressure of this ring acts on the lower portion of the neck.
  • The rider must learn to give in the ring immediately when the horse responds to not exert permanent pressure on the choke groove.
  • The ring is loosely centered on the neck. The aim is that the horse is already responding to a slight change of the position. However, this can only be achieved if you give the horse a clear signal by further aids such as balance and leg aids.
  • Would you like to ride a turn, you just slightly tilt the ring of the wrist in the direction in which you want to ride. Horses are very sensitive, they also feel a fly on their fur. According delicate and sensitive they react to even the smallest changes in pressure and position of the neck ring.
  • The Parry in a slower tempo is possible by a slight train on the ring at a slightly higher position, always supported by a deep seat.

Did horse and rider become accustomed to this type of equestrian communication, you can also begin to ride dressage lessons. The whole range of lessons is rideable with this collar, if you use your other Hilfengebung sensitively and accurately. You should use this type of riding but not to try on your own, but a herein experienced trainers consult drag to avoid mistakes.

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