Right mouse button does not work - what to do?

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Right mouse button does not work - what to do?

help yourself when the mouse is on strike.

If the controller is not working

  • At the beginning you should try (if any) to install or re-install an update for the driver of the mouse. can you find the need to file on an enclosed CD or on the Web site of the manufacturer.
  • Throw in parallel a look at the last activities that you have performed on your computer. For a newly installed program, an extension or a change in the system settings to be responsible for the problem. If you notice here something you act accordingly and uninstall or disable the culprit, so the right mouse button works again.
  • Responsible for the problem can at worst be a virus. You can recognize this with a virus scan, what you can do with an antivirus program of your choice. If necessary, remove all infected files, so they do not cause any further damage, and then perform a restart.
  • If you have not found a solution, you can pick up the backup (assuming you have this applied). Alternatively, the system recovery of Windows itself is offered.

Replace the right mouse button

  • Does the right mouse button still does not follow the steps above, you should think about buying a new mouse because these seem here to a technical problem. Depending on the value of the mouse, but you can also go to a dealer and ask for your repair.
  • If that does not also right-click the new cartridge, return it and be refunded your money. Car then you reinstall the operating system and replace it so all the system files that may be responsible for the missing function.
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