Rippenbruch - survive the healing time without boredom

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Rippenbruch - survive the healing time without boredom

Protect yourself with broken ribs. günther Gumhold / Pixelio

A rib fracture is serious

  • A rib fracture usually arises from an accident or a fall. Everyone has twelve pairs of ribs. The ribs are technically called costae. The broken rib is Costaefraktur.
  • The skeleton of the chest or thorax, is formed from the ribs and the breastbone, the sternum.
  • If you have a slight rib fracture, so only one rib is broken, you're lucky. In this case, the cure time is not so long and the breathing is also usually not limited.
  • If several ribs broken, it is more difficult with the healing time. Experts talk then of a rib series fracture.
  • Has your pleura injured, it can be life-threatening. The broken rib then protrudes into the chest. Here, a pneumothorax, a so-called air chest, arise, and the shortness of breath is severe. The only way in this case leads to the emergency room. It is best to call 112 and be eased by the accident assistance.

Long healing time - you provide amusement

  • If you have a relatively uncomplicated rib fracture, the doctor will not order much except a pain therapy. Some weeks you will unfortunately have to endure, so that the self-healing powers of the body are deployed.
  • Because movements are at first very painful, you will probably stay on the bed, or rather the sofa.
  • Read a good book, listen to an audio book or a radio play CD.
  • If the number oaks TV programs offer nothing interesting, take a look at a good DVD.
  • Maybe it works even with knitting or less strenuous handicrafts.
  • It is also an opportunity to invite friends, bring the gifts and time to talk.
  • Not least, you pass the time and your laptop.

The pain is less and less, and you can make more and more like a walk, for example, after some time.

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