Ritteressen - so manages a hearty garden party

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Ritteressen - so manages a hearty garden party

A medieval banquet is original.

When Ritteressen include details

  • What a "wow effect" achieved all our guests a Knight of interest, is a large animal on rotisserie over an open fire. It need not be a whole ox. Good also suckling pig or lamb. The barbecue should play a central position. Of course you can also roast large pieces of meat on a grill pan.
  • Make a long "Knights Table" on. This can be several beer tables, is thrown over the maroon Panné Velvet as tablecloth.
  • The rustic, the better. Try to provide the cutlery made entirely of wood. Plastic dishes should be taboo. It is better to provide wooden boards and fired clay cup. As plates for a soup or inserts small, hollowed-out loaves can be taken.
  • You may ask to appear in medieval garb guests in the invitation. Even if only a small percentage of the Party group responds positively, this contributes enormously to the atmosphere.
  • The situated one torches and quiet, medieval music in the background complete the picture. The sound system should be somewhat hidden, because it is not very medieval. If this is not possible, a lightweight, thrown over the plant Gauze Cloth also provide good services.
  • Well, if the hosts are even dressed fit for a medieval banquet. You may visit for garment sourcing in advance a medieval market near or a costume shop.
  • For successful setting a pointed roof pavilion can be used in historical style in the garden. Also you can get some straw bales, to place them as decoration and spread straw on the ground. Make then but that straw, especially when it is very dry, easy to catch fire.
  • You can hire a juggler who entertains guests during the Knights of interest. Of course it can also be a family member or a friend.
  • Well, beer or wine from the barrel. If you have a winery or a small brewery around the corner, talk to the owners. You may get for the duration of the festival a corresponding barrel provided when you remove the content.
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