Rollercoaster build - Here's a toy model

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Rollercoaster build - Here's a toy model

Build a roller coaster. Bernhard_Flack / Pixelio

Planning the rollercoaster

This feature also eliminates a drive, which the construction of the coaster significantly more difficult and this makes them very sensitive as a toy, you should build the roller coaster for marbles roll this better than toy cars:

  1. Of course, the size of the styrofoam slab depends on how much space you have. The plate should not be less than 60 cm to 30 cm.
  2. Place the plate on a work surface. Staple a piece of paper on it, for example, the backside of an old wallpaper. Draw the profile of the roller coaster than about 2.5 cm wide band. The tracks may intersect, but be careful to draw a circular course without very sharp turns. Beginning and end of the tape must come together.
  3. Transfer the trajectory piece by piece on cardboard and cut web segments. Glue the segments together with adhesive to form a complete path. Consider at the crossing points which path above and which is to run down.
  4. Place the paperback on the Styrofoam. Now you need to plan the slope of the roller coaster. Specify a starting point, which is near the top. Plan more ups and downs.
  5. Put the planning by building supports from the round bars. That's pretty easy, because you need to put only in the Styrofoam. Fix the sheet with adhesive strips on the supports. In this stage you will probably still need lots in the paperback, which represents the path einflicken.
  6. If you assume that the roller coaster can be built, stick a railing on the Pappbahnen. You must stick 1 cm high strip of cardboard along the tape with adhesive strips.
  7. The whole thing is very shaky, but for a trial run of marbles reaches it. Test to see if the balls roll just as you imagine it. Correct what needs to be changed. Also remember the peaks of the curves. Add, if necessary, additional supports a.
  8. Mark all parts, so that you can put behind your place this again, because now you have to break down the path carefully.

To remove the marble run

The task now is to build the roller coaster stable:

  1. Transfer the position of the holes that you have drilled in the styrofoam, the wood panel. Now drill into the wood panel holes.
  2. Glue the support in these holes. If you like, you can use metal rods instead of wooden sticks now.
  3. If it should be necessary to stick with hot glue a transverse struts. Reinforce the paperboard web from behind with a layer of cardboard. This should be so wide that you can fold over the strips to the railing.
  4. Put the board web on the sup. Fixing them with hot glue. Now is the roller coaster that you build, almost done.
  5. Thus the web is nice and smooth. Should you pull the web along with the railing with two to three layers of thin paper.
  6. Paint the roller coaster, when everything is ready.
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