Romantic device - so your bedroom is a girl's dream

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Romantic device - so your bedroom is a girl's dream

A bedroom should be romantic.

In every woman a little girl lives, live this, if only that you fulfill the dream of a romantic room. The decor is simple, the main thing you are using soft colors. One thing you can say but you only talk to your husband about it, if you have one, for he will find it terrible!

This is what romantic means of

  • Pastels and white you absolutely need, from turquoise to pale pink, everything is permitted. However, it can only know then but the accessories have to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Buy beautiful delicate flowers, such as orchids or an artificial Rosenranke. With these you can decorate not only your cuddly place, even the rest room seems so matter playful.
  • In beautiful shells you can give your jewelry a place or put a few tea lights.
  • Table lamps that are not too light, giving the room a warm atmosphere and let him look much more romantic equal.
  • So that the walls are not bare, hang on beautiful images, the designs can be flowers or a beach landscape. If you like it quite cheesy, selects unicorns or elves.

So the bedroom is redecorated

  • Choose white furniture. The bed is ideal if it is made of mesh with a high headboard. The bedding should be established, match the color of the wall or the decoration.
  • Choose a pastel color for the walls, for example turquoise.
  • Buy the hardware store large masks that look like flowers and paint the walls with them, no gaudy color, take a pastel color that contrasts with the main color of the wall. But Do not paint too many flowers on the walls.
  • Ask. On a dresser, a bowl with tea lights and if still space, is a vase or a pot of orchids
  • To the window, you can either hang curtains with a decorative fabric or a proper curtain.
  • Wrap the head and foot of the lattice frame of your bed with a rose vine.
  • Hang beautiful pictures on the wall, but ensure that it does not seems overloaded with the flowers on the walls.
  • In addition to the bed or in a corner of the room, you can make the table lamps. The best are those which are moved with a fabric shade, these are darker.

Either otherwise you could make it look a romantic decor. However, it is again strongly recommended cause checking with your partner, otherwise it can lead to a genuine dispute.

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