Root characters do with keyboard - how it works on PC

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Root characters do with keyboard - how it works on PC

To create the root sign. knipseline / Pixelio

Create a root character with the character code

  • If you want to create a root character, you can copy from a website icon, of course. You must select the character with the left mouse button pressed and then either right-click on the highlighted area and select "copy" or press the key combination "CTRL" + "C" ( "C" stands for "Copy", ie "Copy"). The root symbol is then in the clipboard and can now be copied anywhere. Click with the left mouse button in your desired text field and either click on the right mouse button and then click "Paste" or press the key combination "Ctrl" + "P" ( "P" stands for "paste" and means "paste" ).
  • If you find any suitable website or do not have Internet access, you can also use the Windows character map. These can be found under "Programs," "Accessories" and "System Tools". The Windows character map has many special characters and symbols, including the square root sign. Find this out and then click "Copy". The root sign is now in the clipboard and can be inserted as described above.
  • A faster and more convenient method is to use the predefined character code on your computer. Since this is always the same, you must be sure to remember the four digit sequence "8730" and can insert the root sign, long searches on the Internet or in the character table.
  • The only requirement is that you use the numbers on the numeric keypad and not the numbers that are located directly above the letters.

produce root sign only with keyboard

  1. First you need to click the left mouse button in a text box. This may be a comment box, a text file or the like.
  2. Make sure next that you have the numeric keypad on your keyboard enabled. Often has the "NUM" button, located above the number 7, a small light that glows when the numeric keypad is active. As a test, you can enter any numbers on the number pad - appear the numbers, the numeric keypad is enabled, if not, or if the lights do not work, you still need to press the "NUM" key. If the lights are not on, press the "NUM" key and repeat the test.
  3. Once the keypad is on, press the "ALT" key on the keyboard, which is to the left of the spacebar, and hold it down.
  4. Now type in succession in drawing pad the numbers "8730" a.
  5. Now you can release the "ALT" key. Then, the root characters appear in your text box.
  6. In case you are using a laptop, it may be that you must additionally hold button the "FN".

Alternative input in Word

If you want to create a root characters in Word, you have yet another way:

  • Enter the characters "221" (without quotes). It does not matter whether you use the numbers from the numeric keypad or the numbers above the letters.
  • Next, press the key combination "ALT" + "C". Word automatically converts then just entered characters in the radical sign to.
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