run record book as the seller right

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run record book as the seller right

Describe your professional life.

fill record book correctly

  • Make short notes every day, because you only have a week so write your reports. After a whole week, it may be difficult for you, however, to remember all the details.
  • The record book is one of the essential documents of your training as saleswoman. Is it incomplete or contains false information, you could lose your admission ticket.
  • Do not rely on templates from the Internet. If in doubt you can prove to the record book that specific training content was not taught and thus can not be tested. In addition, you should also reflect on specific incidents, errors or lack of knowledge.
  • Record books, click the stationery store, but it is common that you get this from your training company. If this is not the case, can be found online forms that you just have to print and fill them with content.
  • Once a month, set against the record book to your teacher, this should check both the content and spelling. With a signature confirming your details.
  • Be brief and in brief about your activities, describe your duties while much detail as possible. Instead of "worked in the camp" "products (color, size, quality) compared and checked after arrival with delivery" is much better. You also write addition which learning areas you have discussed in the vocational school, which Papers prepared the practical exercises you perform.
  • Involve your training company and your product range with a. A saleswoman in a drugstore is other activities perform as one at the bakery.
  • Vary your formulations and make sure that not every week the same content again found in the report portfolio. Be sure to use professional-specific vocabulary.

Typical tasks of a saleswoman

  • As orientation serve your training plan, you will receive at the beginning of your training, but can also receive later in the Chamber of Commerce.
  • If you change a training department or a new training section begin, include that also in your record book. Describe your training company: how many employees there are, as it is positioned in the market and so on.
  • During your first year of training a salesperson you should familiarize yourself among others, the range of goods. You can describe individual areas exactly integrate lists or drawings. Describe the interaction with customers: How do you proceed in a personal consultation, you need to consider when talking to customers?
  • Respond to special sales situations, unfriendly customer or the legal provisions in a complaint. How do you deal with stressful situations or can contact with empathy a sales pitch for the better?
  • Also the content is part of the 1st academic year: Performing orders, accept deliveries, create award of goods, warehouse, calculations, promotional activities and services.
  • Also common tasks such as inventory, cleanup, clean the shelves or replacement of defective goods, you can describe.
  • In the second year you should specifically address those activities: inventory and sales monitoring, POS, marketing activities, customer loyalty and solutions for difficult discussions with customers.

A record book is not a world literature. Do not place too high demands on themselves - really exciting will probably be this proof only for your instructor.

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