Russian clothing - Find out more

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Russian clothing - Find out more

Traditional Russian clothing is now worn only by folk musicians. Makrodepecher / Pixelio

Thus, the Russian protects against cold

In Russia temperatures from -20 ° C to -30 ° C are not uncommon. Of course this is not the year that way. Certainly, there are regions where it is warm in the summer just +1 ° C or 2 ° C. In most areas it can be warm in the summer but up to +30 ° C. Against the cold in the winter months the Russians have of course to dress warmly.

  • should not miss out why a fur coat and a fur hat, which is called shapka or Ushanka. A Ushanka, in contrast to shapka earflaps.
  • Fur is not regarded by the Russians as a luxury, but as a protection against cold. With the freezing temperatures, it is the only thing that really keeps you warm.
  • The women in Russia also like to wear Angoramützen or warm Scarves, which wrap around the head - without warm headgear are not believed the cold out.
  • The feet have to be wrapped up. Typical Russian winter shoes are felt boots from sheep's wool, which are called valenki.
  • While the men discreetly dress in the warm season, the women pull like very feminine. They contribute mostly dresses and skirts to shoes with high heels. The Russian women attach great importance to your appearance.

To see traditional Russian clothes

  • The traditional Russian clothing has a palatial. She is very elaborately produced and decorated with embroidery. Red and gold tones are typical of the traditional costume.
  • Today the clothing is worn at carnivals or by musicians of folk music.
  • The ladies wear a so-called Sarafan. This is a floor-length, wide pinafore. Among wears Russin a blouse with wide sleeves.
  • In addition to the Sarafan a hat is worn, which is called kokoshniks.
  • Men wear a shirt made of linen, the Rubaschka or Kossoworotka called. Typical of this shirt is the laterally offset placket. In the Russian wearing a belt of cord string or a decorated band.
  • For the shirt, the men also combine a wide trousers and high boots.
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