Russian wedding customs - so you succeed

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Russian wedding customs - so you succeed

Traditionally, should not miss the wedding kiss.

Ideas for performing Russian wedding customs

  • Enter the wedding couple the threshold of the wedding hall, they are taken by both parents in reception. These range the pair a bread, which must be round, according to tradition. The bread is baked with a small opening. Here some salt is scattered into it. Bride and groom breaking off a piece of bread. Care is taken strictly on who has the bigger, because the one who is the future "master of the house".
  • After champagne is drunk and threw the glass on the back. The ceremony that the glasses are thrown over the back, one of the typical Russian wedding customs.
  • Another Russian wedding custom is "Gorko". You can hear throughout the evening of the celebration, the word "Gorko" (bitter) screaming. Here every time a glass of vodka is emptied and the couple has to get up and kiss. The kiss should sweeten the bitterness.
  • may not be missing the Brautschuhklau: A group "willing" actor comes dressed with typical gypsy music into the hall as a gypsy. dancing Gypsies and move slowly to the newlyweds out. A Gypsy crawls under the table and steals the bride's shoes (this is of course informed). Now cries the bride: "My shoe is gone." This is now being offered by Gypsies for sale. The Tamada calls guests to a 20-to donate, because then requests are simultaneously satisfied (Kiss of the bride, pushups on the maid of honor, etc.). Each guest receives at every donation a sip vodka from a barrel! Is the money basket of the bridegroom of wedding shoe is back and this may attract him and his wife to open the dance round with a wedding waltz.

These are just some of the traditional Russian wedding customs. Have fun at the wedding!

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