Rust converter for the car - so use it properly

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Rust converter for the car - so use it properly

Here helps no rust converter.

Rust is poison for metal, he eats over time deeper and eventually you have a hole in the metal part. Especially in a car can be very expensive, because the body must be welded then. You can stop them with a rust converter rust but.

To use a rust converter

Before using the rust converter, read the instructions through well.

  1. Sand the rust with a fine sandpaper and a little water gently.
  2. Enter the rust converter on the treated area and allow it to dry.
  3. Finally, you can edit the site with a paint pen.

Warning - the rust converter leaves dark spots on the paint, which may not look particularly nice in places or on larger sites. In such a case you should rather consult a painter.

To protect your car from rust

  • Wash your car regularly. Especially in winter, the salt already damaged areas may be added to the paint a lot and it can form rust.
  • Heated garages are indeed great in winter but rather bad, because snow and ice melt on the car and the salt can operate freely in the metal.
  • Damaged areas in the coating should be best placed to deal from a painter, just at these sets of rust very quickly.
  • A car trailer can replace a garage very well and protect the car against moisture. These tarps are well worth an investment and save yourself in winter the brushing of the car.

The rust converter stops the rust for a time - the painter you do not save yourself but still, because if the rust is only once on the metal, the spread more and more on your car.

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