Salary as a maid - so Negotiating successfully

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Salary as a maid - so Negotiating successfully

A maid has a lot to do.

Not always the content is appropriate

  • Housekeeping and room boys usually work for a small salary in hotels, guest houses, amusement parks, as well as upscale households in various areas of responsibility. Maids are responsible for allowing through hygienic cleaning guest rooms, products fill in the rooms, the ordinary Covering of bed and breakfast and much more, the guest a pleasant stay.
  • As the maid, as well as the room boys are subject to the housekeeping, it is also one of their obligations to undertake preliminary work in the fields of gastronomy, such. As clearing the tablecloths or table to take laundry services or carry out the purchases for some guests. Depending on how is the economic situation of a company, vary the salaries for housekeeping and room boys from employer to employer.
  • Although there are in the gastronomic field training areas such lots more. B. Hotelfachfrau / Hotelfachmann, chef / cook, Restaurantfachfrau / restaurant management, however, there is no training for maids. That's why the job / work of a maid / room boys will often temporarily assigned to students, teachers, early retirees and housewives as part of a four hundred Euro jobs.
  • Some larger, leading catering establishments, awarded next season jobs including full-time jobs with permanent employment contracts to housekeeping or room boys. However, the wages gape not only from state to state very far apart, but also within the respective federal states can be much higher salary of a maid, as that of another.
  • Although a maid often has done an extensive work under great time pressure, in Germany there is as yet no minimum wage, so it is not surprising that a content usually very sparse fails. In a full-time job was hitherto lowest wage level in Saarland with about 800, - € gross wage, in Hamburg once at 2,000 - € gross and in the other provinces between 1001, - up to € 1234, - € gross determined.

Enhance your quality as a maid

  • A maid in the position of 400, - € -Jobs will hardly have the chance to change their content, because the job description "to 400, - € basis" already indicates that is not full-time use. Of course, who is a long-time 400, in a company - clothed € -th to the complete satisfaction of the supervisor, will over time have a good chance of being able to agree on a raise.
  • Basically, you should audition for a long-standing good cooperation for a raise, because after all, you have to show by your long career special professional qualities and qualifications, to a well-run company could not live without. Moreover, it is common for many years, experienced employees rise in salary levels.
  • As a professional newcomer it is hand usually only possible due to a sound education, such. As that of a housekeeper to highlight your qualifications, to move the employer to a hearing about your salary. Step on confidently and tell your employer what advantages benefit the operation, because you're such. As the qualifications of a housekeeper.
  • If you have no training in one or more areas of activity of a maid, but already many years do yourself a budget, z. B. with children or elderly parents, so you should this situation confidently training as a housekeeper equate and ask your employer friendly to a conversation , Explain friendly, enjoys the benefits its running through your qualifications.
  • It is important that when you audition for a raise always act, friendly but also confident and unerringly. Ie. You make previously thought, what benefits the employer by you, z. B. You may handle extreme loads and do not fall in any little cold out, or maybe you have specific expertise in the cleaning area, with expensive carpets, a couch, linen, or other details are required.
  • Perhaps you are a reliable organizational skills. All skills and qualifications that you possess and the need to acquire a new colleague laboriously over many years are you a great advantage and very important if you want to supplement your salary. Make your employer friendly and convincingly clear that you like to work in the operation, and have become indispensable for its operation. Then it should actually work with a better salary.
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