Samsung S5230: Lock Internet - how it works

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Samsung S5230: Lock Internet - how it works

To lock, you must apply a trick.

The Samsung S5230 causes no data plan costs

  • Many modern smartphones have direct access to the Internet and can be surfing or downloading apps use. Also the Samsung S5230 can establish a direct connection to the Internet through your mobile operator.
  • Do you have a mobile phone contract with a data plan, so this Internet function is of course quite a useful thing. Does your contract but no such option, so each dialup costs to the Internet and money is simply charged to your phone bill.
  • In addition to the Internet browser of Samsung S5230 also some applications are installed, which can also connect to the Internet under certain circumstances. It can often happen by itself to accrue entirely unintended costs.
  • To save the cost, you should block Internet access on the Samsung S5230 as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no simple button or switch for this purpose. but you can lock complete with a little trick to access.

To lock the Internet

  1. From the main menu of the Samsung S5230, the "Settings" and go to this menu then click the "Application Settings". Call there submenu "browser profile" on.
  2. Three profiles are set by default and this the Samsung S5230 receives the necessary data for the Internet connection. Delete not let these profiles but unfortunately, there is another way.
  3. Now create simply a new profile and select with the user data a random fantasy name. Select this new profile then the default from. Save the settings and then switch on the Samsung S5230 from.
  4. After restarting the smartphone the new profile active and the Internet is blocked. Should an application now try to connect to the Internet, so the display will only receive an error message.
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