Samsung Smart TV: Library - uses

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Samsung Smart TV: Library - uses

Samsung offers with Smart TV smart flat screen TV with many features.

You want to buy a new flat screen TV and opt for a Samsung Smart TV, you not only benefit from a very good image and a stylish design, but also by an interesting multimedia features.

Smart TV from Samsung handles all multimedia content

  • Smart TV performs all the content you want to watch with your Samsung TV together. Regardless of whether you want to view photos or videos, or listen to music, you have a platform from which you can retrieve all the contents easily with the remote control.
  • You also have a library integrated, which allows you to watch TV programs at different times. Many TV channels offer their media libraries as app in the Smart TV from Samsung, such as the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.

For all functions of the library, you need an Internet connection

  • All televisions equipped with Smart TV can be connected to the Internet. For newer devices, you can make this connection via WLAN. An Ethernet cable you need in older Samsung TV or if you have no wireless in your home. You can build a stabiliere connection with the network cable.
  • To use the Mediathel in your Samsung TV, an Internet connection is required. Only if you want to play photos, videos or music from a hard drive, you do not need Internet. However, it is recommended to exhaust the possibilities, especially if you already are a fast Internet connection at home.

With Smart TV Your TV is the central switching point in your living room. You can use the features of the platform very easy to control with your remote control. Moreover, this is constantly being expanded: There are regularly added new apps.

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