Sandpit sand - quality notes

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Sandpit sand - quality notes

On the right sand is what matters.

Sandpit sand or play sand are not legally defined terms. but Buy packages with this inscription, you can assume that the sand for your children is well suited.

Checklist - This makes play sand from

  • Play sand should have a particle size between 0.05 and 2 millimeters.
  • Sandpit sand is free from contamination as it is screened and cleaned of gravel pits.
  • Based on play sand is mostly silica sand.
  • Sandpit sand holds by its nature a long form, for example, the sand baking cakes.
  • Sand, having the control instructions of TÜV or DEKRA is suitable as play sand.

Select sandpit sand properly

You as an adult you dream determined by the powder-fine sand beaches of the Caribbean. This type of sand is not suitable as a sandbox sand. If the sand too fine, it dries out easily and your children can therefore not build castles still bake cakes.

Another variation of sand is available in the building materials trade as Baukies. It is better to form suitable, but contains stones in which the children can hurt.

In well-stocked hardware store to get special sandbox sand in handy bags. This sand is medium grained and contains a small amount of clay, which makes it ideal for molds and Burgenbau.

For a small sandpit several bags of packaged sandpit Sands are perfectly adequate. Have you built a bigger sandbox to your children, the purchase offers at a builders' merchants. Depending on the delivered quantity decreases the price per kilo and the sandbox sand will be delivered directly to your home.

holding sandbox sand clean

Sandpit sand is popular not only among children but also in cats as a toilet. To avoid this contamination, cover the sandpit after playing.

Mixing with the passage of time leaves, stones or other debris under the sand, remove it with a rake.

If the sandbox sand over time always dirty or settle by moisture green points, you should completely replace the sandbox sand.

Some experts recommend replacing the sand after a year. The used sand can then deploy in the garden. Or use it for structural measures at home.

If you want to use the sand for longer, then store the sandbox sand over the winter in a dry sheltered place. He survives the long rest period without becoming unsightly or for winter quarters of insects.

Sandpit sand is a mixture of several sands

As already mentioned, play sand is not a protected term. In construction, the sands are however divided into three categories.

Texture of sand characteristics
Coarse sand grain size 0.63 mm - 2 mm
It can be constructed badly

Risk of injury from coarse grains with exclusive use

Medium sand grain size 0.2 mm - 0.63 mm
is well suited to play

not too fine and not too coarse

better support in building

no risk of injury.

Fine Sand 0.05 mm - 0.2 mm
is well suited for building sandcastles

in conjunction with water it is "squishy"

dries out faster

The right mix makes the right play sand. The children are grateful if you can times seven, times squishing or building. A good play sand is composed of a high proportion of medium sand, a central part of fine sand and a small proportion of coarse sand. With this mix you can screw that kids love in all sandboxes.

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