Sankey diagram in PowerPoint 2010 - Here's how

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Sankey diagram in PowerPoint 2010 - Here's how

A Sankey diagram, you can easily create with PowerPoint of 2010.

A Sankey diagram makes energy and material flows visible

  • In a Sankey diagram both a target amount of material or energy flow is visualized.
  • These arrows are used to illustrate the direction. Their thickness is determined by the flowing volume, the more the fat.
  • Thus, for example, the supplied and consumed energy a house visualize.
  • Since in a Sankey diagram inflows and outflows are recorded in full, can thus identify vulnerabilities and deliberately bring about improvements.

To reset the visualization in PowerPoint 2010

  1. Before working with PowerPoint 2010, you must prepare the source data in the form of a table.
  2. Lists. The energy sources (sun, electricity, gas, ...) and estimate the proportion of the total energy supply (50% power, 20% solar, 30% gas)
  3. Listen Now the energy consumers and distribute the entire energy supply to these (e .g. 40% heating, 40% air, 15% electricity consumers, 5% loss).
  4. Take for visualizing the standard forms "block arrows" and place first the total amount (100%) of the Sankey diagram fixed.
  5. Create a block arrow with 100% size and click with the right mouse button in the newly created form.
  6. In the context menu select "Format Shape" and then "size".
  7. If necessary, remove the check in the "Lock aspect ratio" and enter in the "Height" field the percentage of the total amount of a.
  8. The thickness of the arrow now reflects its share in the "rotation" field you can still determine its direction.
  9. Create as well as the other car shapes and paste them into a harmonious overall picture. Group elements in PowerPoint 2010, to move together can.
  10. Align your fill and border color and label the individual arrows.
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