Sauerkraut - use spices for preparing properly

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Sauerkraut - use spices for preparing properly

To spice up the sauerkraut properly. Benjamin Clack / Pixelio

In order for a sauerkraut tastes delicious and spicy, it requires certain ingredients in the preparation. Most of the products that can be purchased by the glass are, most pre-seasons and need to be enhanced during cooking to make them palatable.

These spices taste in Sauerkraut

  • Bay leaves are in each sauerkraut, to impart the certain spiciness.
  • Moreover Caraway should not be ignored (in ground form or as whole grains) in your preparation. This ensures that the sauerkraut is easier to digest.
  • Also, juniper berries, pepper and cloves popular ingredients in the preparation of wholesome sauerkraut.
  • Also you can give raisins or small shell-less apple into the sauerkraut. These provide for a milder taste and are therefore commonly used ingredients to impart a sauerkraut proper seasoning.

The preparation of Sauerkraut

  1. Cutting onions into quarters and cook them with a little butter in the pot at all, you add the sauerkraut.
  2. Also this is first lightly fried before you pour some water to the herb.
  3. Then enter the desired spices in the cooking pot. If you want to remove them easily after cooking, you can add them in a tea infuser. To avoid the danger to bite later on a spice grain. Alternatively, you can simmer about ten to 15 minutes and pour the resulting Sud through a fine strainer into the sauerkraut spices in a separate pot with a sip of water.

If that cabbage is too sour, you can mitigate this flavor to taste with sweetener, sugar or honey.

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