Sauté cooking - how it works

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Sauté cooking - how it works


If "sweat" when cooking is mentioned, this can be different things:


  • On the one hand from sweat is mentioned, when it comes to a so-called roux.
  • The roux is used for example as a basis for sauces.
  • It is used as a binder and thus has the same function as a commercial purchased Soßenbinder.
  • If you want to use a ready-made sauces Binder from the market, but make a roux as the basis of their sauce, do the following steps:
    1. Put some grease in a pot and heat it. When fat is about tasteless oil suitable (for example, safflower or canola oil), butter or margarine.
    2. Enter into the hot oil now some flour and stir the whole order until the entire mass has joined and is yellowish.
    3. The roux itself have already made it.
    4. Then delete all off with a liquid. Depending on the nature of their sauce you can use as water, broth, milk or cream.
    5. Now you have created the basis for their sauce and can now season to taste. A Soßenbinder is due to the roux no longer necessary.

sauté vegetables

  • In addition to the roux there is also the possibility vegetables to sweat.
  • The meaning of Anschwitzens here is that the vegetables to liquid loses.
  • Frequently in recipes, for example, the question of to sweat onions.
  • To sweat vegetables, give again some fat in a pan. Again, you can use the above fats.
  • Enter after you have heated the fat that vegetables added and heat the same.
  • To simply sweat the vegetables, do not heat too long there. The vegetables should be roasted in any case. If the vegetables are brown, you have heated it for too long and there are roasted aromas that go beyond the desired effect of Anschwitzens, fluid loss. Taking the example of the sauté of onions, this should be as long heated until they are slightly glazed.
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