Sax reeds buy - that you should be aware

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Sax reeds buy - that you should be aware

Only the leaves produces the sound!

The so-called reed produces the saxophone playing by vibrations the tone. Without this leaflet can be generated with the saxophone so no music. it is more important to know, therefore, on what details you should look for when buying the leaflets.

The factors to consider when buying Sax reeds

  • The leaflets for the saxophone (and other woodwinds) are made of giant reed, which is cultivated among others in France. From France come the best verarbeitetsten leaflets. The best, so access to a French brand. The most famous reed manufacturer Vandoren (Paris).
  • The simple reeds, as you need for the saxophone, are manufactured in different thicknesses. These are usually given in a scale of one to five (where there are also half steps in between, so z. B. 3 1/2). The thickness value indicates how hard a leaflet is. The number designates one the softest and the number five is the hardest leaflets.
  • However, you should note that the thickness data from manufacturer to manufacturer vary, so a leaflet from a company need not be as thick as that of another - even if both have the same number. So it happens that the leaflets from different manufacturers have different playing characteristics.
  • Decisive for the sound of the instrument and in particular its playability are the material density and the uniform grain structure of the tube sheet. For laymen usually turns out only at the first approach if the leaflet is any good or not.
  • However, one can already tell at first glance whether the leaflet is good or bad. Hold it to the light and see the grain - this is relatively uniform and the individual fiber strands nice thin and light, you could have a good leaflets found.
  • Mostly it is so that in a package only about five leaflets are to be used and the others have an inferior playability. The Vandoren brand therefore presents as her special leaflets of particularly high quality. They call themselves "Vandoren V12" and be selected for one pack separately from the manufacturer.
  • Although the V12 leaflets cost more than the normal, because but you can use more of them because of good quality, counts itself!
  • But beware! Also between standard Vandoren reeds and the V12-ren is a difference in thickness. It is best to ask for in a specialty store, which yield V12 leaves the counterpart to their normal Sax reeds.
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