Scented cabinet paper - so you produce it yourself

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Scented cabinet paper - so you produce it yourself

Scented paper for cabinet.

When you make scented shelf paper itself, then you can give the laundry the scent that you like most.

Scented cabinet paper for laundry

  • With a scented shelf paper comic odors have disappeared after a short time. This is important because the smell does not remain in the cabinet but also pulls in your clothes that you have placed in the cabinet.
  • Scented cabinet paper assumes that smell, because it is distributed in the laundry and scented your inside cupboards. It smells in the cabinet when opening pleasantly fresh and your garments have a pleasant smell.

The search for a suitable cabinet paper

  • If you want to make scented shelf paper itself, then you must first decide on a paper.
  • You can take a plain paper, tracing paper or wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is best because it is a good size and can be cut to fit.
  • Moreover, the wrapping paper is tight enough so that you treat it with the scent and then can spread in the closet.

To produce fragrant gift wrap

  1. So that the paper fits properly into the cabinet, measure the cupboard before, and cut the cabinet paper then so that you can fold it twice and put it in the cupboard.
  2. Fold the paper after cutting in the middle, so that the printed pages are outside the wrapping paper.
  3. Then fold the paper apart and treat the inside with the scent you have chosen previously.
  4. If you use perfume oil, then give five to six drops on the bottom of the cabinet paper and fold it back together.
  5. With your favorite perfume can be the cabinet paper also easily spray, then fold back together and place folded in the cupboard.
  6. In this way you can interpret each compartment with the scented shelf paper, and leave the cabinet as usual again.

In order for your scented shelf paper holds as long as possible, place it always twice and with the open side facing the back of the cabinet.

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