Scheduling With the directions FÜS bike online bike ride - how it works

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Scheduling With the directions FÜS bike online bike ride - how it works

In cycling you can enjoy the scenery.

Directions - what advantages does the online search?

  • An interactive route planner for the bike impresses with its clear and intuitive structure. They may be the same in advance to make a selection in which region of Germany you want to take a cruise, or if you prefer to see a route in Austria, France, Holland, Turkey, in Sardinia or in other European countries.
  • A brief description of the route already contains pre important information about length, any time, and also the degree of difficulty on the directions for the bike. There are described impressions of scenic beauty, and various proposals for accommodation in hotels, pensions or even to wineries: This you can book almost immediately online if your interest is awakened for a tour.
  • If you want to use a route planner for traveling by bicycle, it is advisable to leave each calculate the daily routes. So you determine your departure and the respective destination of each trip day and enter this data as possible with the most precise name in the appropriate masks a so with road and associated to your destination number.
  • Some route planners you could get to your actual endpoint otherwise a small detour. So let out the house number; if it should be a relatively long road, you will of directions, which indeed would not do anything wrong, specify in about half of the road length as your destination. So the golden mean, because it would mean for the cyclist but - unless there is a detour - having to struggle, a few kilometers long, this would be, especially at the end of the day's journey, an avoidable strain.

How to find bike paths in directions

Many people are unaware that there are special directions for cycling routes.

  1. Download the overview of the directions for cycling routes.
  2. Go to the aforementioned website and check out for a for your region (eg. B. Hessen) suitable directions for cycling routes around. The example of the Hessian route planner will be described.
  3. Once you have arrived at the website of the Hessian route planner, go to the menu item "The directions".
  4. It opens a bottom with a form field in which you enter the starting point and the start road.
  5. Then enter the destination and the target road and confirm these data.
  6. You will receive a map with a red line drawn. This line is your bike route. Among the route length and travel time are indicated.
  7. You can also go to the print preview or in full-screen mode and can print the map. Now print out the map.

It is advisable to use a special directions for cycling routes, since conventional directions, mostly only the infrastructure included in my car or on foot, may not be precise enough. Directions for cycling routes are specially designed for the cyclists among you and have you with certainty the correct and navigable by bike path.

To schedule a bicycle tour

  • If a longer bike ride for you is still new territory, then it is advisable to initially planning a weekend with the directions for bikes a tour. Property route and points of interest are then close together.
  • The total distance should be a maximum of 250 kilometers long. The Aller cycle route in the resin, for example, with a length of nearly 250 kilometers, is particularly suitable for beginners or families with children.
  • If you do not want to continuously cover by bike a route, you can also in parts use the web. On the website of Deutsche Bahn you get information such as the driving opportunities in local and regional transport are. The cost between 6 and 15 euros. A bicycle transport you can easily book online.
  • If you prefer flat route profile, the bike trails in Schleswig-Holstein or Lower Saxony are particularly recommended. The Weser cycle path contains mostly flat routes. The online trip planner then inform about which paths are paved and where occasional cobblestone or gravel paths to navigate.
  • A greater challenge is mountainous routes. The Rhine cycle path between Bingen and Koblenz offers especially in the valleys higher difficulty levels. Information about the route provides the directions for bikes on the website of Rhein-cycling.
  • On the website of the General German Bicycle Club, you can deliberately plan tours. Find free inclusions. The track layout are given exactly length and altitude differences.

To use the route planner ViaMichelin for bike rides

  1. Go to the website of ViaMichelin. You will find the top left directions.
  2. Enter in the search in the text box "A Plan route" data (country departure address, arrival address).
  3. "Insert stopover" under the menu item you can divide the route in stages in the desired number and enter Get points.
  4. Select the menu item "Options" the "bicycle" from.
  5. Click the "Search" button.
  6. Right next to the text box displays a map showing your bicycle route is located.
  7. Above it you will find information on alternative route suggestions, you can also click.
  8. Below the map of the route is described in detail. but you can also display a short version.
  9. At the end of the description you can find a button to print. So you can take the route plans of your bike rides.

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