Schlehenwein - a recipe

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Schlehenwein - a recipe

Schlehenwein You can also create itself.

Sloes are unsuitable for normal consumption, because they contain tannins. Thereby, they are wonderfully suited for Schlehenweinherstellung. One should only pay attention to a few things that you should note in this recipe.

What are sloes and where to find them?

  • Sloes are a Wildobstart that are similar to plums. They are dark blue or black and coated with a light blue frost. The fruits are round, some even egg-shaped and only about 1 cm in diameter.
  • They grow up to three meters high bushes that grow mainly in Germany on paths and forest edges. Sloes prefer sunny locations. The best you recognize these bushes because they have long thorns in black branches and white flowers.
  • The fruits ripen in the spring from March. You must even be picked because they are rather very rarely sold in the market. They are German wild fruit species and no cash crops.

Recipe for Schlehenwein

  1. Once you have picked and washed the fruit, the sloes are squeezed in the fermentation vessel with a potato masher. Pay attention to the fact that you walk carefully to work to ensure that the seeds of the fruit are not broken. Because the cores contain toxic cyanide, which must not enter your Schlehenwein.
  2. Now you can measure five liters of water and the sugar included Hefenährsalz add. Stir until both are dissolved in the water. This water mixture then comes along with the Antigel your squeezed sloes.
  3. Enter now the measured juice and the yeast in the fermentation barrel. Stir the mixture and let it ferment for 5 to 6 days. So Perform a short maceration. This process is crucial for the later taste.
  4. If the fermentation process finished, you can continue with the recipe. The mash is then pressed with a hand pressing bag. Then the acid is reduced in your Schlehenwein by the demineralized water to an acid content of about 6.5 g / L to 7.5 g / L.
  5. Now you can do anything with sugar to taste after sweet. Thereafter, the drum is again provided fermentation aside. An alcohol content of at least 13% should be achieved here. You can also wait for the end of fermentation.
  6. The recipe provides that you sulphurise after this fermentation time, your Schlehenwein with potassium pyrosulfite. The mixing ratio of 1 g potassium pyrosulphite per 10 liters of wine should to be respected. One week later, the yeast is withdrawn.
  7. Their wine is then so far that you can either equal to determine the residual sugar content and filter it, or let him ferment a little further. The Schlehenwein should be filtered in filter size "fine" and "EK".
  8. Before you fill your wine, you'd previously little more sweet than necessary, and again potassium pyrosulfite and ascorbic add (1 g per 10 L). Mix everything and store the bottled and corked wine bottles then for at least 12 months in the cellar.

It is relatively easy to make with this recipe Schlehenwein, but it is a very long task. Much patience is needed here, but the taste is sure to be worth the wait.

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