Schlosser - training, salary and job description

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Schlosser - training, salary and job description

Schlosser edit among other various metal parts.

The apprenticeship as a fitter

  • Schlosser is an old job title that no longer exists since 1989 in this form. Rather certain metalworking professions were summarized for metalworkers. It is classified into three categories. As metalworkers in utility vehicle, in the construction technology and metal design.
  • A locksmith to perform various metalwork, such as forging, brazing, welding, annealing or screws.
  • A training as metalworker takes as usual three and a half years and has in all three occupational groups covered the same content. Manufacturing, installation and repair.
  • If you want to be fitter, inquire exactly what work you want done. Moreover, it is advantageous to have large hands, to be persistent and to have no fear of physically demanding work.
  • Toward construction technique will produce steel and metal constructions. customize or edit So as grilles, gates or locking systems.
  • If you have a taste for art, the metal design is perfect for you. There you will learn, among other things, the artisan blacksmithing, put lamps or decorative items made of metal ago.
  • The largest department is the vehicle. You are responsible not only for mechanics and body, you must also install hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic systems.
  • Approximate content of all three educational backgrounds of the old profession locksmith are: production of components and production of steel and metal structures, handling and use of tools, preparation of sketches and drawings and many more. More detailed information can be obtained from the employment agency.

Content and more information on job description

  • For life goes the salary of a locksmith, at least in training, not as unfortunately at almost every craft apprenticeship. There is the opportunity to further develop and make a masterpiece.
  • The following information is only "about" -indications because the salary of State is different from State. In the first year of training you receive on average between 350 € and 530 € ;, the second year to 420 € to 560 € ;, in the third year of training € 470 to € 630 and the last six months, you can earn between 520 € and 690 €.

As a newcomer, so "fresh" out-skilled journeyman, you will receive a salary of between 1100 € and 1900 € ;, this is often also a distinction between man and woman.

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