Schneezauber - planting and care instructions for Magic Snow

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Schneezauber - planting and care instructions for Magic Snow

Schneezauber is a true Blühwunder.

Although Schneezauber acts eerily delicate, the plant is quite robust. Are their minimal demands on location and care met the Blühwunder can you delight and enchant months.

Basics about Schneezauber

  • The Magic Snow variety 'Diamond Frost "was awarded in 2008 in Rheinland-Pfalz as balcony plant of the year. However, you do not have to necessarily put in a pot or planter, because it can cope with in the bed.
  • The plant has a compact, spherical growth. As a single planting it comes very well in slightly higher tubs advantage. Magic snow makes itself but also good in combination with other summer bloomers. Do you like it more elegant, they complement each other in the planter in the finest white with other flowering plants.
  • Since Schneezauber is annual, it is but also as a gap in the newly created planting garden bed. dies To the winter, from the plant and does so in the following year the propagating perennials place.
  • Magic Snow flowers from May to the first frosts. It is not necessarily notwenig to remove Verblühtes what is in their abundance of flowers very beneficial.
  • Unfortunately, the plant is poisonous to pets.

Siting and maintenance of magic snow

  • The plant likes a sunny or partially shaded spot. Even a shady place assumes it is under these conditions, however, not as floriferous.
  • It comes with short dry spells efficiently than waterlogging. When you put the plant in a pot on a shady place, you should give a handful of pebbles as drainage on the pot bottom.
  • The abundant flowering costs the Schneezauber much force, so be sure to fertilize them regularly. It is sufficient if you choose a commercial liquid fertilizer.
  • If at the end of the summer, the nights cooler, but there is no reason for concern. The plant comes with cold along well. However, if the temperatures frosty, dies from the magic snow.
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