Scooter Tuning - legally succeeds so

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Scooter Tuning - legally succeeds so

perform a scooter tuning legally

It is at a scooter tuning not unlike a car. It arises when two then the question of what actually legal and what is illegal in such a project. You should therefore, if you also plan a spice up your two-wheeler, carefully inquire to risk a lawsuit and the dismantling of the mounted elements not later. Below you is to show which parts you install and what you can change, without coming into conflict with the law.

Scooter Tuning - this is allowed

  • Basically, you should note that when a scooter tuning all original parts that are available from your dealer, allowed.
  • but are also allowed parts manufactured by other companies and do not alter the performance of the vehicle. You should also give the same original products.

Parts that are borderline, but partially allowed

  • When scooter tuning a tail with splash, red reflector lamp and turn signal ABE is possible.
  • Furthermore, a steering head spoiler which not compromised, the security situation permitted.
  • A mirror of sufficient size should not pose any problems.
  • Permits are Variator Rolls and clutch springs to improve coordination, in the presence of a sport exhaust with ABE. However, the speed may not be increased thereby.

Ask better to see if there could be difficulty in mounting or installation, however. Here your dealer or the TUV would be the right person.

This is not allowed in scooter tuning

  • Performance and driving safety changes are absolutely taboo.
  • Likewise, the cultivation of exhaust systems without ABE is not allowed.
  • Volume changes and the growing of optical parts, for which a license is required, you should refrain.
  • Additional lighting and especially changes in the speedometer may lead to severe fines.

So let the scooter tuning if only installing and leave this to a specialist original parts.

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