Screed cost per square meter - so you calculate the cellar renovation

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Screed cost per square meter - so you calculate the cellar renovation

Screed floor in the roof area must be specially sealed.

For a long time was made either as an underbody or in industrial halls screed. Meanwhile, there are different coatings that make it even in the living area to a trendy flooring. Even with a basement renovation you can do without a specific structure.

Screed for residential use or as underbody

Make and use has a long tradition. Even in the days of the ancient Romans put craftsmen flooring screed ago.

  • Lime was mixed with water and enriched with crushed rock material. Was Trass or sand added, made it all even more resistant.
  • Estrich is a special mortar also in the present. By using special binder he gives a semi-solid mass, which hardens with time.
  • The soft consistency allows penetration into the smallest crevices. Unevenness can be compensated so optimally. After curing, it can be laid a floor covering.
  • Screed is however not only something "underneath". It is becoming increasingly popular as more stylish flooring. Laying is possible with relatively little effort, it is easy to maintain and extremely durable.
  • He is also to have in various colors. Expensive tiles or laying linoleum deleted. The floor is only sanded, polished and sealed. The coating is available in matte, glossy, colored or brightly colored.

Cost per square meter at a basement renovation

  • The corresponding materials you receive inexpensive hardware store or online shop. A non-binding advice from an expert can give accurate clues you in terms of prices and capabilities.
  • Flow or cement screed is for outdoor use, all wet areas and therefore also suitable for the basement. The cost per square meter of about 12 to 18 euros make him also unbeatable. However, the drying takes (thickness 60 mm) at least 30 days.
  • Anhydrite is suitable for indoor use, cost 14 to 22 euros per square meter. Here already enough a layer thickness of 40 millimeters.
  • Poured asphalt is the most expensive with 25 to 30 euros per square meter. Its advantage is that it is a poor conductor of heat and anhydrous. So you do not need a vapor barrier under certain circumstances.
  • With a waterproof basement you can lay special dry screed plates. After gluing they are walked on immediately, for days drying omitted. The prices per square meter, depending on the variant (material, material thickness) between 15 and 35 euros.

Calculate once the cost of screed on the basis of pure material prices including 19 percent VAT. For a second time you can create a complete range of artisans. How to determine the total cost.

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