Screen Reset Settings - Here's in Windows Vista

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Screen Reset Settings - Here's in Windows Vista

Dress your Windows Vista desktop a new - reset your display settings.

To reset your display settings, follow these steps:

The screen settings - wallpaper, screen resolutions

  1. On the taskbar, click the "Start" icon and then click "Control Panel".
  2. Click in the Explorer Bar, click "Control Panel Home".
  3. "Change Desktop Background" in the category "Appearance and Personalization" and you can now change your desktop background by pressing the desired background image.
  4. Additionally, you can now determine whether the image to fill the entire screen, is to be tiled, or displayed in the original size.

Reset the colors

  1. On the taskbar, click the "Start" icon and then click "Control Panel".
  2. Click in the Explorer Bar, click "Control Panel Home".
  3. With "Adjust Color" You choose your color.
  4. The setting for video card and monitor can be found on "Appearance and Personalization", "Adjust screen resolution".
  5. Clicking "Identify", the number of the active monitor is displayed briefly.
  6. Finally, you can adjust the slider to the appropriate screen resolution.

The screen settings reset - The sound scheme

  1. On the taskbar, click the "Start" icon and then click "Control Panel".
  2. Click in the Explorer Bar, click "Control Panel Home".
  3. Under "Hardware and Sound", "Sound" you can set your desired sound scheme.
  4. Under "Play" allows you to configure and test your speakers. In the "Properties for details" you can make further settings.
  5. A controller and SoundMixer see over the speaker icon that is located in the notification area of ​​the taskbar.
  6. About "Up", see settings for recording devices.
  7. Use the "tab Sound" can sound files assigned to your Windows events.

Have fun when you reset your display settings and the redesign of your desktop!

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