Scythes peening - Instructions

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Scythes peening - Instructions

The right is the Dengeln Grundvoraussetung to sensen quickly and easily.

Scythes - an almost forgotten mowing

  • In modern times the Scythes is almost extinct because of electrical or petrol-powered mowers will work much faster by hand. Also Dengeln a sense, therefore, hardly anyone nowadays dominates more.
  • The right Dengeln is the basis of Sensens. Only when the cutting edge is narrow and smooth, you can achieve the best cutting results with little effort. Who controls these techniques correctly, so does the mowing machine quite close.

peening Right to be learned

  • The peening is basically a forging the cutting edge without having to heat it. The Grim steel is thereby expelled for cutting edge back with very little material removal. Use is to a firm surface, ideally, an anvil and a heavy hammer. A special Dengel hammer weighs about 500 grams.
  • Through many small hammer the cutting edge of the scythe blade is carefully taken off, diluted and becomes dangerously sharp. During mowing the gedengelte cutting edge is then removed again, so that they must be recovered regularly.
  • There are special devices that combine Dengel hammer and peening anvil, they are called Dengel Stock.
  • Dengeln is gentle on the material as the sharpening with a whetstone. The will, however, carried in the daily work to keep the scythe cuttable.

Sharpen The implement according to instructions

  • Dengeln is a handwork, which can be difficult to teach without guidance, because by false Dengeln the Sense is so dull that it can be brought only by a person skilled back into shape.
  • In courses you can learn mowing with a scythe, and accordingly the Dengeln under supervision. A visit is worthwhile, because the Dengeln like a little science. Especially in the beginning helps expert advice very.
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