SD card is not recognized - what to do?

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SD card is not recognized - what to do?

The SD card must not be defective.

Troubleshooting - is the SD card defective?

  • First, check if the SD card is still fully functional and it is not due to a defect in the card that it is not recognized. Place it so, simply in another device such as a digital camera or another computer, and check the files on the SD card are displayed on it.
  • If the card does not work well in another device, the map is not necessarily defective. It can also be a small switch located on the side of the SD card, do. If you just move it, the SD card can be readable again.
  • If another device recognize the SD card easily, place them again in your computer. then open My Computer and wait for a moment if the SD card is displayed there. Update the work if changed by itself nothing. In this case simply does not work only the automatic opening of the card to your computer and you can open the card manually through the workplace.

If the disc is still not recognized

  • In the event that the SD card is not recognized as before, this may be due to a temporary overloading your computer. Check whether many other processes are running and close them before inserting the SD card again.
  • Recently, the malfunction may be in reading the map and on the selected connection to your computer. If you have the SD card connected, for example by a direct connection to your computer, try the variation over a reader, which is connected via a USB connection.
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