Sea salt buy - you should know

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Sea salt buy - you should know

Sea salt is a popular cooking ingredient. cameraobscura / Pixelio

Find out when buying the product

  • Sea salt you can buy today in most supermarkets. This is usually in the spices or the baking ingredients. In addition, you can order the product over the Internet.
  • If you wish to purchase high-quality sea salt, you should resort to the so-called fleur de sel or flor de sal. This should show a better flavor than common table salt as there is in contrast to this in the Fleur de Sel magnesium sulfate.
  • Another, like used in the kitchen is the variant Sel gris, the gray salt. In this tiny particles of algae and other suspended particles are included, which provides not only for the gray color, but also for a special taste.

While many nutritional researches deny that the sea salt to taste really recognizable different from ordinary table salt in cooking circles it is, however, often highly praised. Therefore, you should try it yourself and then decide if the effect achieved is worth to you the higher price.

Store sea salt properly

  • If you buy Sel gris, you should be prepared that this sea salt has a strong inherent moisture. Keep the Sel gris therefore only in containers that can not rust, yet these absorb moisture (such as untreated wood).
  • Otherwise you should sea salt, as another salt and store in airtight containers. In this way, the mineral can not draw any more moisture from the air. This will prevent clumping of the salt.
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