Secondary alcohol - understand Chemist under this term

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Secondary alcohol - understand Chemist under this term

Alcohols are liquid organic compounds.

Alcohols - chemical terms

  • The most famous alcohol is ethanol, the drinking of alcohol. In addition, however, there are other alcohols, including as is understood in chemistry a group of substances with similar structure and similar properties. It is to oxygen-containing organic compounds containing one or more hydroxyl groups (OH groups) in its molecule.
  • The simplest alcohols arise from the alkanes by there at least one H atom has been replaced with an OH group. Precisely this (typical) alcohols have to be referred to as alkanols.
  • Alkanes are organic compounds that are formed from carbon chains having pendant hydrogen atoms. There are only single compounds. The simplest alkane is methane, a gas that is formed only of a carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms attached.
  • According to the simplest alcohol is the (toxic!) Methanol. With him in the methane molecule one of the hydrogen atoms is replaced by an OH group.
  • The well-known drinking alcohol is produced from ethane, the next higher alkane. It is formed in the fermentation.
  • Moreover, in the fabric group of alcohols other organic compounds containing OH groups are. Those alcohols which possess more than one OH group, are called higher alcohols.

Secondary alcohol - what's this?

  • Chemists distinguish between primary, secondary and even tertiary alcohols.
  • The individual types of alcohol, including secondary alcohol, depend on the position of the OH group to carbon atom (carbon atom).
  • In primary alcohols, the OH group sitting at a so-called primary carbon atom. In this case, at one end of the carbon chain. For these alcohols an atomic group of the form -CH 2 OH characteristic, the first line is to display the additional carbon chain. Ethanol belongs to this group of primary alcohols, since the OH group sitting outside.
  • A secondary alcohol has no OH-edge group. This is located in the middle of a so-called secondary carbon atom. This carbon atom is therefore not only linked to the OH group, but with two other carbon atoms.
  • Accordingly, the C-atom is linked to the OH group with three carbon atoms in the tertiary alcohols, for example at a bifurcation. Such alcohols are of course no longer chain.

Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohol types differ chemically, for example in their behavior towards oxidants or in the rate of reaction.

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